Social Media: 5 Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic

We see it all around us. Social media. It is ever-growing so it seems vital to any small business to take full advantage of it to increase website traffic. We know that a big part of web design is taking into consideration the importance of social media and how it links to your website. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you along the way to website traffic greatness.

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1.Facebook Ads

Facebook is dead! We’ve heard so many people say it in recent years but it is far from the truth. This can be said especially for Facebook advertising. When it comes to getting the widest reach and great results, Facebook advertising is up there with Google for offering small businesses superb value in terms of affordability and conversions.

The process isn’t too taxing to set up so we’d recommend you go through the process now of setting up an ads manager account or allowing us to set things up on your behalf so your website management can be a breeze once it’s handed over.

2.Promote your website through Pinterest

Similar to Facebook, we’ve heard so many voice the opinion that this social media platform is dead. Again we say, wrong! Pinterest is the place to be when it comes to promoting your website’s content free of charge whilst reaching a wide audience. This is the place to be for those small businesses wanting to share consistent blog content – that is appropriately crafted using our simple SEO tips.

Don’t think of Pinterest as just social media. Think of it as a visual search engine that can easily boost your website traffic – all that is required is signing up and taking it from there.

3.Add a face to the brand

In the world of social media, personality reigns supreme. It is a reality of social media that more users interact with other users than they do with brands. It may be out of a lack of trust but we believe it’s out of a lack of personality that so many small businesses impose on themselves.

So, the next time you consider posting on Twitter or Instagram, maybe steer towards promoting what you are doing rather than posting an ‘inspirational quote’ on LinkedIn that pseudo-intellectuals will comment on to create the illusion of intelligence. You’ll be surprised how far adding a face to the brand can go – just ask Donald Trump…

4.It’s called SOCIAL media.

The one thing so many small businesses forget is the social element of social media. It’s not named that for no reason. Being social cannot be taken for granted. There’s only so much a Facebook ad or a quick Pinterest pin will get you. One of the best things about this vast medium is its community. No matter what platform you’re on, you’ll quickly see how many people are engaging with content. Not just creating. They’re talking, debating, sharing and learning.

Social media is not just there to promote your small business. It’s there to grow as a community. So if you’re looking to really increase your website traffic, that’s sure to increase by creating an engaged community. Don’t be afraid. Get social!

5.Offer your audience value

What do we mean by value? The list is endless. Don’t just show off your services and what you’re doing in the office. One sure way to increase your website traffic whilst developing the strength of your brand is to instill trust in your users with valuable content that gives them plenty to ponder over. Social media is not just for shameless self-promotion – even if LinkedIn desperately tries to cling to that ideal – it’s a place of learning. Next time you log in to Twitter, maybe consider the following ideas for posts:

  • Hints & tips which offer clear guidance to your audience
  • Recommendations of other people and businesses that you really love on social media
  • Creating polls to spark some discussion
  • Throwing in a gif or two just because.

The sheer breadth of possibilities in social media is endless. In order to fully take advantage of it to benefit your website traffic, you need to be an expert in all aspects or you can ask for support from your friendly neighbourhood web design specialists. We don’t just look at building your website. We put in place numerous avenues from social media, SEO and advertising to ensure you get the best results by increasing your website traffic.