E-Commerce: Creating A Successful Online Store

Many successful small businesses are starting to see great results from setting up a new e-commerce section of their website. Establishing your own online store creates new growth where the possibilities are endless. You control everything from which products you stock to the minute details of the customer experience.

But, for many, this freedom is tantamount to a child that being locked inside a sweet shop asking where to get stuck in first?

This blog covers how to create and retain customers, through to tips and hints on strategy, which will hopefully help you make the best of things online and show your competitors how it’s done.

E-Commerce: Creating an Online Store | Web Design for Small Business

Incredible Web Design

You can do a lot to drive your audience to your website. This is especially so for using a few SEO tips to improve your website ranking. What happens when they get there?

A recent study suggests that 93% of users are influenced by look of a website over anything else when deciding on an e-commerce purchase.

There are several things you can do, such as:

Learning to code, while beneficial, is time-consuming. Creating everything yourself with a WordPress account may also be a great option but the element of time still comes into play. Hiring a web designer may be the best option for you. It will take the stress of organisation off your hands and allow you to focus on the other creative elements of your small business.

Keep it Mobile-Friendly

The benefits to creating a more mobile-friendly website are numerous. A small business can lose a lot of custom if their website is not fully responsive to a mobile or tablet.

Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly means that when users land on the site, they’re greeted with a website that’s made just for them. A great e-commerce site should always take into account the high proportion of users on mobile.

Keep Up The Content

Creating content to support your e-commerce website is sure to generate more website traffic. Using a blog to strategically posts content using keywords associated with the e-commerce side of your site will help ease a customer in the right direction.

Blogs are also a great way to connect with your audience. Offering something useful to your readership rather than pushing the marketing and sales will establish trust. It’s important to get a person familiar with your brand before beginning to sell to them.

Get Analytical

Google Analytics. A spectacular tool for tracking and analysing traffic, conversions and much, much more. This free tool provides small business website owners a whole host of data which can help to support your next marketing plan.

Investigating said data will give you the chance to comprehend what worked and what didn’t.

Offer E-Commerce Incentives

Everybody loves an offer. Even more people love a bargain! Opening your e-commerce website will benefit greatly with some handy incentives. Whether it’s free delivery or 50% off during Black Friday, you can pick and choose how to reward all your wonderful customers.

Put Refund Policies In Place

There is always a risk with buying things online. Buying a product on an e-commerce should come with certain pieces of information so a customer can feel comfortable in purchasing a product. What do we mean? We’re talking about a returns and refund policy. If there’s no returns policy or one which doesn’t offer much in the returns process, you will most likely drive away future customers.

You can build up trust with your e-commerce customers by offering clear returns and refund policies. This shows that you are confident in your product and if something isn’t up to their standards, then you’re willing to find the right solution.

By using these tips, your e-commerce website can perfect the customer experience. Creating an online store that links with what your customers are expecting you can go head and shoulders above your competitors.

Looking for more advice on setting up an e-commerce website? Get in touch with the Rivia Digital team today and learn how your online store can get great results and look good doing.