WordPress: Why It’s The Best Option For Your Small Business

WordPress. A word that echoes on the lips of web developers, bloggers and small business owners alike. But is it the best option for your small business? With the likes of SquareSpace and Wix coming into the fray, it seems like a tricky decision if you’re ‘going in alone’ to build your own website.

So, whether you’re fresh out of university looking to set up a new business or a seasoned veteran of business looking to expand into the digital world, here are a few reasons why we at Rivia Digital Web Design believe that WordPress is your best shout in building your small business website.

1. Easy set up

Sign up. Choose a domain. Choose a theme. Done.

Without reducing the complicated world of web design too much, creating a WordPress website for your small business can be really simple if you wish it to be. Of course, nothing is quite the same as receiving the support of a reliable web design company to help you along the way but once it’s up and running, you can feel empowered to take full ownership of your website and start getting great results.

Write a blog. Build a new landing page. Advertise your services. Go for it!

2. Customisable WordPress themes & plugins

For both expert web designers and the newest of the newbies, WordPress is the platform for everyone. It offers enough customisation for a strong developer not to feel restricted but also has a simplistic interface which doesn’t feel intimidated. With a whole host of themes to set up the bare bones of your website, or even the ability to create your own, WordPress is a clear winner for a small business.

Not only that but there’s the plugins. Oh, the plugins! Those helpful tools that allow you to insert complicated code into your site without getting bogged down in all the complexities. Examples include:

  • Yoast SEO – the quintessential plugin that simplifies quite a complex concept within web design.
  • WooCommerce – gone are the days of pay tens of thousands on a streamlined product platform. With WooCommerce, you can be a few clicks away from setting up your own online shop. Simple!
  • Lordicon – this may be a little unknown one but we love it. Throw some interactivity into your website with this dynamic icons.

An added bonus is that so many themes are already optimised to all devices so all you have to think about is where you’d want to put your mobile navigation bar!

3. Blogs, blogs, blogs

When it comes to online blogs, WordPress is the place to be. It’s very purpose surrounds it. But how can a blog help your small business? Well beyond the typical answer of ‘it lets you organically advertise your products’ the reasons are as follows:

  • It has a massive impact on the success of your small business website’s SEO.
  • Blogs allow you to offer advice to your growing audience.
  • It shows you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • It allows to grow a more intimate and natural relationship with prospective clients.

Plus, we know there’s not much more entertaining than reading and writing a strong blog on small business!

4. No ongoing costs for your small business

If you’re willing to put in a bit of time or investment into a professional web design service, your website can be set up and require no ongoing costs. Sure, regular wordpress.com lets you quickly set up your website and host everything on their end. But you can save serious money if you take the time to set up your own WordPress website for your small business.

5. Small business e-commerce made easy

As we mentioned earlier, the WooCommerce plugin is heaven sent! In a few short minutes and one or two forms to fill in, you can have your own online shop up and running. This is the real power of a WordPress website for a small business. It cuts through the complexity and empowers you to take fully management of your products if you so wish. It’s truly inspiring to see and we love to support small businesses to let that happen.

So, if you’re looking for more insights in making full use of WordPress to support your small business or want a full website expertly built, get in touch with us today. Rivia Digital – for a fast, reliable service with big results.